VovSoft Window Resizer 2.5.0 Full Version 2023

Costless independent, internet installer for Windows called Vovsoft Window Resizer. You can resize Windows software to any dimensions with this feature.

Describe the Vovsoft Window Resizer

You can edit any windows to an exact, predetermined length using this straightforward tool. When designing web pages, this is very helpful because it allows you to see how the page may appear when viewed at a smaller dimensions.

This tool is useful for gathering photos for paperwork as well. It enables you to fast maintain the same window size across display catches.

Open program roles can be saved as a Csv file so that you can later” Weight and Use.” Depending on the values in the Csv document, it did edit every program.

Characteristics of the Vovsoft Window Resizer

  • Any opened window’s length can be changed.
  • Adjust the window’s size and position.
  • useful tool for document creators and web designers
  • simple to employ

Program demands and complex information

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 are supported Oses.
  • Ram( Memory ): 2 Gb of ram, with 4gb advised.
  • 200 Gb or more of gratis hard disk space

Information about the item

Vovsoft Windows Displaying 2.5.0 is the name of the report.

Developed by – Vovsoft

Version: 2.5.0

Certificate kind: whole_ version

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