LanguageTool for Windows Desktop v1.0.9.0 Full Version 2023

The most recent solo online software for Windows Desktop is available for free download. Enhance the lucidity and excellent of your composing.

Overview of the Languagetool for Windows Desktop

More than 20 languages can use this gratis, open-source language and fashion analyzer. By determining and fixing grammar, spelling, grammar, and type failures with this tool, you can quickly raise the caliber and precision of your reading.

Languagetool for Windows Desktop Features

  • more than 20 language, like English, French, German, Spanish, and many others, are checked for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • identifies punctuation and style mistakes, quite as repeated comments or an excessive use of inactive tone.
  • provides recommendations for improvement and enables you to make changes with a single push.
  • integrates with well-known word editors like Openoffice, Libre Office, and Microsoft Word.
  • enables you to tailor laws to your particular requirements.

Program needs and technical facts

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 are supported Oses.
  • Ram( Memory ): Ideally, 2 Gb of ram( 4gb )
  • 200 Kb or more of complimentary hard disk space


Q: Is it free to use?A: Yes, It is entirely free to use.

Q: Is it available for Mac or Linux?A: Yes, LanguageTool is also available for Mac and Linux. You can download the appropriate version from the LanguageTool website.

Q: Can I use it with Microsoft Word or other word processors?A: You can use it with Microsoft Word and other word processors by installing the appropriate plugin.

Q: Can I create custom rules with it?A: Yes, It allows you to create custom rules to suit your needs. You can create these rules using XML or Java.


It is a strong and simple tool that can help you raise the caliber and lucidity of your composing. It is a useful tool for people looking to develop their writing skills because it supports more than 20 languages, integrates with well-known words reporters, and allows for the creation of custom regulations.

Product Details

File name – most recent Languagetool. exe

Developed by – Languagetool

Type – 1. 0.9. 0.

Freeware of the permit type

Deadline of release


Full number of downloads: 452

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