Alternate Splitter 1.820 Full Version 2023

Obtain Alternate Splitter for Windows for free. It is a independent, off-line installer. You can divide folders into multiple documents of the same size using this feature.

Alternate Splitter Overview

You can backup data from this programme to a variety of media gadgets by dividing them into multiple records of the same length. It can also blend several records into one document, making it suitable for use as an Mp3 or Mpg document.

The parts’ folder size can remain singularly set. The system also has a preview mode that allows you to examine different sections of the folder.

This shareware programme takes the place of Alternate Compressor and Alternative Merger. It calls for the Net-framework 2.0, which has been a part of the acting structure since Windows Vista.

Characteristics of an Alternate Splitter

  • Create multiple files out of one.
  • assemble various folders into a single record.
  • includes a teaser setting
  • Verify the file’s split sections.

Structure demands and professional particulars

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 are supported Oses.
  • Motherboard( Memory ): Ideally, 2 Megs( with a maximum of 4 ) Ram.
  • 200 Mebibyte or more of free hard disk space

Information about the merchandise

Record brand: Splitter files

Developed by – Alternative Tools

Edition 1. 820

Software of the permit type

Release Time

Languages: English, German, Grecian, European, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Hungarian, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, and Spanish

Complete number of downloads: 118

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